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I design and fashion wearables (earrings, bracelets, necklaces and more) from multi colored beads and small pieces of artisan glass elements. As visitors will immediately learn from seeing my work, I cherish rich colors, especially purples, blacks and reds which I enjoy arranging together in various contrasting shapes and textures. I also love creating interesting, beautiful, and sometimes sassy bugs which I have done since I was a child. 


I was educated at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco as well as in multiple workshops and have studied illustration, faux finishing, glass painting, and bead work. My art is a constantly evolving process full of life and energy. 


I work with almost every kind of small bead and glass and use soft flex wire to produce what I am confident will be durable and long lasting personal treasures. Some of my favorite beads come from estate sales, and thus certain designs are limited edition. The process of assembly varies from piece to piece, depending on the character I seek to create. For example, some of my bugs have big eyes and flashy wings, while others can be a bit shy. I like to think that my art, which is bold and vibrant, will brighten your day even when it’s cloudy. Whatever the process, my goal is to create original pieces that can be worn to complement one’s unique personality and sense of style.

About The Artist

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